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I am a trained Carnatic singer. I took training under 'Kalashree' awardee Vidushi Shantalakshmi for last 8 years.
In UK I am persuing music teaching for last 2 years along with my higher studies in music.

I am new to Houlnslow and through this web site I would like to reach out to Houlsnlow community so that if any one is interested in learning classical vocal they can please contact me.

Reviews of Akshata S

Akshata S

Akshata is a very good singer and I personally advise whoever is thinking of taking classes from her to please do. She is a good teacher and a wonderful classical singer.

Henrietta Cardoza 4 1 June, 2013

Akshata S

she is a really good singer.....people would really be blessed if they learn singing from her

nilufer 5 5 May, 2013

Akshata S

I have been learning classical music from Akshata for a couple of days now. I'm even thinking of getting my 6 year old to learn under her. She's extremely good, esp classical music.

Ankita 5 18 April, 2013

Akshata S

Akshata is a great singer and a very good music teacher especially in classical music. I have heard her songs many times , it was awesome.

Jiji 5 8 April, 2013

Akshata S

Quality of Akshata's teaching is great. I benefited a lot learning music.

Deepti 5 7 April, 2013

Akshata S

My wife has been taking online singing lessons from Akshata and i must say that her singing has really improved. She is good at all forms of singing ,be it Indian classical , bhajans or bollywood songs. I truly recommend Akshata as a very good music trainer.

Anand Shetti 5 5 April, 2013

Akshata S

Akshata has a great voice and has the patience to teach singing...She is an excellent teacher....

Ananya 5 4 April, 2013

Akshata S

She is an excellent singer!

Baishaki 5 24 March, 2013

Akshata S

She is an awesome singer!

Baishaki 5 22 March, 2013

Akshata S

akshata u have a lovely voice and people i must say please hear her singing.. shes fabulous..

Deepika 5 22 March, 2013

Akshata S

Akshata has been singing from a very young age. She has a wonderful voice.

Purnima 5 22 March, 2013

Akshata S

Very good classical singer with a very melodious voice.

Sushma Mallya 5 18 March, 2013

Akshata S

I have personally heard her sing. She is a very good singer and a good trainer also.

Amit Shetti 3 10 March, 2013

Akshata S

She is just awesome.

Maya S 5 1 February, 2013

Akshata S

I"ve personaly heard her sing and shes tooooo gud at it guys.

kavita. s 5 28 January, 2013

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