The London Borough of Hounslow is situated on the western edge of London.  The borough is located in Middlesex, in the valley of the River Thames.  It was formed in 1965, bringing together the former boroughs of Brentford and Chiswick and Heston and Isleworth and the Feltham Urban District.  The area has been inhabited since the early 13th century, when it consisted of agricultural land and forests.  Its inhabitants lived in small villages set amongst the farmland, and villagers made a living from agriculture.  The area was once the location of several bloody battles.  Brentford, a former market town in Hounslow, was the site of 1016 battle between the armies of Danish king Canute and English king Edmund II.  Chiswick, located on the border between Ealing and Hounslow, was one of the locations of the Battle of Turnham Green that took place in 1642 during the English Civil Wars.  Oliver Cromwell positioned an army on Hounslow Heath at the end of the Civil War in 1647, and James II later hosted mock battles and military exercises on the heath to intimidate locals.